Here you can download new skins for Notesbrowser!



  1. Click on the download button to download a skin
  2. Unzip the zip file in the ...\Skins folder of Notesbrowser (usually this is C:\Program Files\Notesbrowser\Skins)
  3. The folder will look like C:\Program Files\Notesbrowser\Skins\MySkinName\ where there are graphic files directly in the "MySkinName" folder
  4. Open the configurations in Notesbrowser
  5. Go to the Skin tab in the configurations
  6. select the new skin and press "okay"

Download Skins

New Skins that can be downloaded for free:

Skin: “Clean Mode Blue”
Author: R. Weber
Size: 40 KB

download clean-mode-blue

Screenshot Clean Mode Blue

Skin: “Clean Mode Brown”
Author: R. Weber
Size: 40 KB

download clean-mode-brown

Screenshot Clean Mode Brown

Skin: “Clean Mode Green”
Author: R. Weber
Size: 40 KB

download clean-mode-green

Screenshot Clean Mode Green

Skin: “Clean Mode Grey”
Author: R. Weber
Size: 40 KB

download clean-mode-grey

Screenshot Clean Mode Grey

Skin: “XP-Blue”
Author: Mel
Size: 85 KB

download Slate

Screenshot XP-Blue

Skin: “Slate”
Author: Cat4Design
Size: 147 KB

download Slate

Screenshot Slate

Skin: “Aluminium”
Author: Cat4Design
Size: 368 KB

download Aluminium

Screenshot Alumninium

Author: Mel
Size: 107 KB

download XPsilver

Screenshot XPsilver

Skin: “THT”
Author: Isaac Aparicio
Size: 42 KB

download tht

Screenshot THT

Skin: “Technical”
Author: PL Baasch
Size: 629 KB

download technical

Screenshot technical

Skin: “Navyl”
Author: Mel
Size: 163 KB

download navyl

Screenshot Navyl

Skin: “Slowdown”
Author: LEVEL17artworx
Size: 178 KB

download slowdown

Screenshot Slowdown

Author: PL Baasch
Size: 355 KB

download darkmos

Screenshot Darkmos


Author: Mel
Size: 275 KB

download silver

Screenshot Silver

Skin: “Silence”
Author: Mel
Size: 203 KB

download silence

Screenshot Silence

Skin: “Eldorado”
Autor: Mel
Size: 118 KB

download silence

Screenshot Eldorado

More skins to come..

Create a new Skin

Painting skins is straight-forward: Just replace the images in the Skin folder with your own.

Skin creation:
  • copy an existing skin folder, e.g. XPsilver
  • rename the folder
  • replace or repaint the images in the folder
  • Open your skin in Notesbrowser
  • formats (jpg, bmp) and names of the files have to be kept
  • the images for the corners (TopLeft, BottomLeft...) are fixed at the corners
  • the images for the four borders (Left, Top,...) are fixed in the middle
  • in Buttons.bmp is the second button image the background for special buttons like 'Save'
  • TabSelected and Tab are stretched at the two pixel columns in the middle if needed
  • Check your skin with different zoom levels of Notesbrowser to see if it looks all right

Donate a skin

If you have painted your own skin and want to donate it to the Notesbrowser team, please mail it to us and we will offer it in this download section for free (if it is good enough).

Send skins to:

Thank you!