multi screen system

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multi screen system

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Hi Dirk,
I have two monitors connected to the PC, one vertical and the second horizontal. At the first installation of the Notesbrowser, the program window appeared on the horizontal monitor with a correct size, it was good for me. Yesterday I exchanged the two monitors to make a test and finally I re-connected all in the same way like before.
Almost all the programs lose the correct size and the position on the monitors but I was able to restore the same situation. Not for Notesbrowser! The program windows now appears on the vertical monitor and there is no way to resize it with the correct aspect ratio for the horizontal monitor. Is there a registry to modify or delete to solve this matter?
Thank you very much!
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Nico Külper
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Re: multi screen system

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Hi Pietro,
We thank you for reporting this problem. It is a very strange bug that was never reported to us.
At the moment I can't help you, but as soon as Dirk is available again, he will help you to solve this problem.

Maybe there are some other users who can help you with this matter because they had to take care of it in the past.

I am very sorry, that I can't help you. Please look at the Community Forum regularly to check if there is an answer to your reported problem.
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Dirk Schwenke
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Re: multi screen system

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Hi Pietro,
Notesbrowser determines the size it needs to be displayed from the primary monitor. You can see which one is the primary monitor in the Display settings -> Screen Resolution of Windows. The Monitor which got the "1" is the primary monitor.

I think that is the problem in this case: your vertical monitor is the primary monitor. If you can, switch the horizontal monitor to be the primary on: Click on the horizontal monitor and choose "Make this my main display".

Hope I could help you, if not, answer this thread and give me your exact monitor setup so that I can help you.

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