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Hi Dirk

Is there anyway I can acquire a Notebrowser skin template. I have tried to make a few skins but it was a rather arduous process.

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Nico Külper
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Re: Template

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Hi Barbara,

Dirk is not available at the moment. He will be here again in round about one weak.

I am sorry, but I can't help you with this question. I will ask Mevlit and maybe he can tell you wether there is a template or not. Otherwise I please you to wait until Dirk is available again.

Kind regards,
Dipl.-Wirt.-Inf. Nico Külper
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Dirk Schwenke
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Re: Template

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Hi Barbara,
sorry for the late replay! I was on vacation.

We don't have a template for skins. Just select a skin you like or a skin that looks a bit like the skin you want to create, copy it (the folder) and change the images.

I have added some notes on skin creation to the skins page:
Notesbrowser Skins Page

with which step did you have problems? Maybe I can help you?

Kind Regards,
Dirk Schwenke,
Notesbrowser Team

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