Deleting Old Backups

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Deleting Old Backups

Post by janlafata »

I have my backup folder for NotesBrowser on another partition and I pretty much back it up every time I use it, but I was wondering...can I delete any old backup files?. The .NBW files are starting to pile up!
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Dirk Schwenke
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Re: Deleting Old Backups

Post by Dirk Schwenke »

At this time, every backup always overwrites the old backup files, so no new files should be added.
Only if you change the backup path manually, you can of course add new files then. If you do so, you have to delete the old backups.

The files .nbw are only the Notesbrowser category files, they are copied if you make a backup. For every category there is one file, so you should have 20 or 60 files, depends on whether you have the Freeware or the Shareware version installed.

If you see the .NBW files really pile up and getting more, please report so, could be an unreported bug..
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