Notesbrowser 2 - New features


New mode:

Notesbrowser 2 was internally much reworked to be able to save database and configuration files wherever you like.

You can use it on a flash drive with the portable mode (for flash drives) or the default stationary mode on a computer or laptop.

Notesbrowser 2 removes the restriction of the previous versions that the database has always to be located where the executable is and this removes a lot of problems.

Other new features:

  • the feature category design was removed. This was seldom used because page design is much more usefull.
  • new categories have per default one page with four text fields
  • insert image now supports png files
  • nb.exe renamed to Notesbrowser.exe (you can easier spot this e.g. in the task manager)
  • all settings files now include the Notesbrowser version
  • new in rc1: you can choose between 12 hour time format and 24 hour time format in the settings
  • New skin Royal:






Main bugs removed:

  • the behaviour if you minimize, maximize or restore the Notesbrowser Lite window has been improved
  • problems with stay on top mode and open of configurations have been removed
  • problems with search have been removed (start of search was not correctly remembered)
  • printing the reminder now will no longer have a criyptic number in column one (this number resulted from the status icons)
  • many small bugs have been removed.


How to update from a previous version:

If you update from a previous Notesbrowser version to Notesbrowser 2 you can just install in the directory where the previous version is or start with the new Windows default directories.


Install in the same directory as the previous version

If you install Notesbrowser 2 in the same directory like the previous version, the new version will detect the old database and use it. Internally the Portable Mode will be selected. This mode looks for the Notesbrowser database at the location where the exe file is.

In Notwsbrowser 1 the database was always in the same directory as the exe file. This will work as long as you didn't had problems in Notesbrowser 1 with missing rights etc.

If you use Notesbrowser on a flash drive etc. this is also the right way to update.

Attention: nb.exe was renamed to Notesbrowser.exein the new version. You may want to remove nb.exe.


Future-proof with new directories:

If you use Notesbrowser on a stationary computer or laptop and not a portabel device like a flash drive, you may want to take advantage frome the new stationary mode where the database and settings are located in Windows default directiories. Your database will be located in your "Documents" directory for example.

This may prevent problems in the future, e.g. should it in not be permitted to save data in the Program Files directory.

To use this new mode, do this:

  1. Make a backup (with the inbuildt backup in the settings).
  2. Better also make a full copy of your database with the Windows File Explorer.
  3. Deinstall Notesbrowser.
  4. Delete settings and database manually, if they are not removed by the deinstallation. Or just move them away to a different directory.
  5. Install Notesbrowser again and choose the stationary mode.
  6. Recover your database and settings from the backup path. The recovery will use the mode choosen at installation.


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